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A few of our club members have got together and formed a special projects team to look at renovating and improving facilities within our lodges utilising the expertise of our own tradespeople. After numerous discussions over the past year or so, we came up with a proposal to utilise the old redundant sauna space and convert it into a separate laundry.


The machines which have always been in the drying room have suffered breakdowns due to operating in high temperatures, plumbing issues, as well as other issues of being in the drying room.

Steve Turner prepared a drawing and scope of works along with a budget of $6,500-$7,000 and submitted to the board in early October of 2016 and at the October board meeting approval was granted for the expenditures to carry out the renovation of the old sauna to become the new laundry.


An ambitious work party roster was prepared to carry out the works over 4 weekends, with the 1st work party set down for Fri 24th – Sun 26th February 2017. The objectives of this work party were to rough-in the plumbing, drainage and electrical services. Then to construct a suspended ceiling in Fyrchek plasterboard and villa board lining to the walls.

Steve Turner met a Canberra contractor early Friday morning to drill new holes through the concrete floor and walls for new drainage and dryer venting pipes.

On Saturday morning, Warren Buckley removed the old sauna room hot & cold plumbing fixtures ready for the lining work to commence.


Warren then ventured down into the dark sub floor zone and removed all the old drainage pipes and did a fantastic job of installing the new drainage system. Definitely a work of art.



 Meanwhile back up in the old sauna room Steve Neill and Steve Turner worked on the timber framing for the ceiling and walls, while Henry Smalkowski started the electrical works installing all the new wiring for the lighting, power points and drying machine power.


Upstairs in the kitchen, Sam Neill looked after all the catering and did a great job keeping the workers fed for the weekend.


 Once finished the underfloor drainage, Warren Buckley then completed all the new hot & cold copper pipework for the washing machines and laundry tub. At the same time Henry Smalkowski was finishing of all the concealed electrical wiring for the new laundry.


 For the rest of Saturday and Sunday the two Steve’s continued with the wall & ceiling framing and sheeting, with assistance from the plumber & electrician to lift and hold up the heavy ceiling sheets while they were screwed up. We finished sheeting the ceiling and 2 of the 4 walls, and Henry fitted and turned on the new down lights. That was the end of LWP No. 1


Steve Neill returned to Guthega on the 11th March to complete the wall sheeting on the other 2 walls so that the next work party could proceed as scheduled.

Paul Channer & Glen Clapham went down on the 24th-26th March 2017 weekend with the scheduled club work party to do Laundry Work Party No.2 which was to set all the plasterboard corners and fixings, and to do 2 coats of waterproofing and level the floor with sand/cement screed ready for tiling.

Mark Codner and Sharon did Laundry Work Party No.3 in conjunction with a scheduled work party on 28-30th April to tile the floor and skirtings as well as the splashback for the washing machines and dryers.


Laundry Work party No.4 was done in conjunction with the last club work party on 19th -21st May. Steve & Sue Turner arrived on Friday night with the car loaded to the roof (couldn’t see each other all the way down) with all the cupboards and bench top & fittings (even the sink).


Sarah Forrester started work on sanding the gyprock patches while Simon Forrester assembled the flat pack bench units and wall unit. Huw Jarman started work on the electrical fitout of power points and switches, while Sue Turner grouted the wall tile splashback. Steve & Sue Turner and Sarah Forrester then painted the walls and ceiling with the initial sealing coat. First colour coat was completed late on Saturday. Steve painted the second finish coat to the walls first thing on Sunday morning. Following this Steve & Simon setup and fitted the two floor bench units for the laundry cupboards. Huw & Steve then marked out and cut to shape & size the bench top, and fitted onto the bench units.

Steve Tuner then fitted all the taps to the washing machine water supply and installed the laundry tub to the bench top and fitted the hot/cold mixer tap, along with the drainage to the tub

Huw & Steve moved in the dryers and washing machines and levelled them up. Huw then finished off all the electrical connections as well as the new extraction fan in the external wall, and tested the machines to ensure they were all operating okay.

It was now lunchtime on Sunday and everyone was heading off, we had hoped to complete the laundry this work party but there was still quite a bit to go, so Steve & Sue Turner and Dave & Nicolette Chapman decided to stay until Monday and try to finish off the laundry.

Steve tiled the laundry bench splashback and grouted the joints. Dave & Steve mounted the wall cupboard above the bench. Sue Turner and Nicolette Chapman finished off cleaning the new laundry and the adjoining room which was used as a preparation work space.


We ended up finishing off almost everything but as it was getting late on Monday we left a couple of “little things” to be finished off later, just need a ceiling cornice trim, and the kickboard fitted to the bench, but apart from that it’s all done, on time and under budget.

The next special project is to redesign and renovate the drying room to be more functional.

Special Projects Team.

Steve Turner