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The Australian Ski Club started in 1974 and is a private club for members and their guest with two properties, one in Guthega and a second in Jindabyne. 

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 Our New ARGO - the Avenger 800.



  • Configuration - similar to previous
  • Fuel – Unleaded >87 Octane (No methanol) 72 Litre capacity
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (= No Choke)
  • 12 Volt DC battery; 435 cranking Amps; 25 Amp charging system
  • Liquid cooled 30HP Kohler Engine and Admiral Transmission (radiator and oil)
  • First Service - after 20 hours of operation (NB: in season-mid week)
  • Tyre pressure (operating) 2.5 – 3.5 psi or 17 -24 kPa
  • Tracks - rubber
  • Max speed on land 40km/h – please drive conservatively.


  • Steering via spring loaded ‘T’ Moto Cross style handlebar
  • Brake lever (hydraulic) on Left Hand (LH) side of handlebar
  • Accelerator RH side of handlebar
  • High & Low range lever on RH side of dashboard
  • Gear shift on floor (NO clutch synchronisation)
    • Low/High/Neutral/Reverse in ‘H’ style configuration
  • Ignition switch LH side of handlebar


  • Battery Charge level (5 bars)
  • Speedo - km/h or mph
  • Temperature (5 bars)
  • Odometer / Hours meter
  • MODE button
  • KM/Mile button

 General Operating Instructions

  • Place the gearshift in the neutral (N) position
  • Apply the emergency/parking brake system.
  • Turn the key to the “START” position
  • Release key as soon as it starts (within 5 secs)
  • Release twist grip control and allow engine to return to idle
  • If engine fails to start refer to Troubleshooting chart (Section 8 - Operator Manual)
  • Selecting Forward, Neutral, Reverse, High & Low
    • ‘Dog’ clutch system is not synchronised therefore you cannot change gears in motion.
      • Stop vehicle,
      • Allow engine to return to idle,
      • Then change gear.

 The ‘Operators Manual’ will be loaded onto the Club’s website and all members acquiring Oversnow Licences should, at a minimum, read:

  • Section 3 – Operating Instructions
  • Section 4 – Driving Instructions
  • Section 5 – Driving procedures during unusual conditions

NB: these references may change once actual Manuals are received.

Guthega's New Boiler

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) are provided to address some common misunderstandings concerning the operation of the new boiler system, and its management.